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10 Ways You Benefit


90% heating energy reduction and 80% overall energy savings through conservation alone was unimaginable until a few years ago. The Passive House is the worldʼs Gold Standard -no other Green Building concept even comes close to this performance, -hands down. Our buildings achieve this through a super insulated building envelope and high level building science before we are adding any costly renewable energy systems, which is by the way the only cost effective approach to Zero Energy.


When it comes to planning and building ultra- low energy homes successfully, it is all about experience. Take it from the the designer that has first developed and adapted the Passive House concept to the climate, construction practices and materials in New Mexico. You benefit from the lessons we learned about the intricacies involved in many years of successful projects with happy clients.


Great design is our true talent and centerpiece of our work, which we would never compromise. We listen to our clients carefully and after in- depth conversations come up with solutions that lend flight to your imagination, shatter the molds and break the rules of the conventional. We are not in the business of designing floor plans, walls and roofs, we create experiences of the 3- dimensional space that turn you on.


Our clients rave about the amazing comfort in their homes. They are warm and cozy at an even temperature of 70F even in the deepest sub zero winter nights.

Trend setting and innovative technologies such as a ventilation system with up to 95% heat recovery provide continuous fresh and filtered air all day and all night long. Never stale air, no dust, no mold. Pollen, smoke from wildfires, pollutants and bugs stay outside. If you have not experienced it for yourself you would not believe how comfortable our homes really are. Donʼt take it from us but ask our clients, they will tell you how thrilled they are.


Our projects cost the same as conventional construction. Due to intelligent planning, cost effective building techniques and the fact that our building concept rewards us with great savings for smaller and less expensive heating systems, we are able to offset the cost for the upgrades.


What if your utility bills would be entirely eliminated? And what if this would be true for the life of your home? Your savings will accumulate like compounded interest over the years as energy costs keep rising.This might very well be one of the most profitable investments you have ever made.


Our building envelopes are tremendously improved and therefore come with a built- in longevity. They are designed and built to last. Our homes are low- maintenance and do not require your involvement. There is nothing for you to do other than simply live your life and enjoy.


We believe that when it comes to designing ultra- efficient homes you should not sacrifice any of the fun and conveniences you can expect from a custom home. In addition, it feels great to be a steward for the environment and embark on a lifestyle, which reduces your carbon footprint. Enjoy living a life that expresses your values.


Our homes are very well equipped to deal with interruptions in the supply of energy like power outages or shortages in energy supply. The debate about ENERGY is not just one about Climate Change, Peak- Oil and volatile prices but very much one about community resilience. Your personal resilience to crises is therefore very important to us. Since our homes loose only a minuscule amount of heat over night, similar to a thermos, you will stay warm, comfortable and safe even if your heating system is not working. A Zero E home means peace of mind for you.


Price is not the same as value. A home that has a great price does not automatically give you a great value. Our homes have both. They are affordable, of high quality and comfort, ultra efficient, healthy, make perfect economic sense, are a great investment and are the best choice for the environment. A win- win situation in any direction you look. It couldnʼt be any better, wouldnʼt you agree?