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Comfort and Healthy Home

In a tightly built house you have no air infiltrating from the outside. Fresh air is brought in through a Whole House Ventilation System and precisely distributed.We are supplying fresh, filtered air to the living spaces and bedrooms and at the same time extracting stale air from the bathrooms and kitchen. The system runs 24/7 and replenishes and filters the entire indoor air volume 9 times a day. The air you breathe is always fresh and clean, less dust, no pollen, no allergies, bugs or pollutants.

Those heat recovery ventilators (HRV) have a built-in air to air heat exchanger, where the warm exhaust air pre-heats the incoming cool fresh air and recovers thereby up to 95% of the heat that would typically be lost in a conventionally built home.

Bau-Biology and Healthy Materials

Surround yourself with high quality building components and non toxic finishes. Earth based materials provide healthful negative ions and perfectly balance the humidity in your living spaces.

Finishes that do more than just look pretty.

Interior earthen walls and clay based finishes are not just aesthetically pleasing but they help you to stay well and healthy. If your interior environment is made of unsealed clay plasters they are able to absorb and release huge amounts of humidity out of the indoor air. The humidity is created by normal living activities like cooking, taking showers and breathing. As humidity levels rise your walls will absorb those, as they drop your walls will release them acting like a natural humidity balancing system.

During this hydration process your earthen walls produce a self- generated negative charge which is exactly what you want. The negatively charged particles in the air will steep your interior space with healthy negative ions. They help your body to absorb and utilize oxygen, making you feel more invigorated and giving you more energy.

Negative ions will also help you to neutralize the electromagnetic effects of your computers, appliances and plastics. The static charge on your walls will be eliminated leaving your walls clean and free of dust.

Earthen materials can keep the doctor away. What more could you hope for?