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How it Works

Think about it, why do we have to heat our homes?

The answer is because they loose heat. And what if we could build a house much like a thermos and prevent the heat from escaping through the building? That is exactly the winning formula on which the Passive House Science is based. The results are amazing: 90% savings in space conditioning energy (heating and cooling).

What is left is amount of energy so minuscule that you could theoretically heat your home with a hair dryer.

Here are the 6 most important principles:

Super Insulated

Super-insulated building envelope with insulation levels 3-5 times greater than conventional.

Eliminating thermal bridging through special detailing.

Super Windows

Triple glazed windows with insulated frames and thermal bridge free installation.

Air Tightness

Eliminating air infiltration losses through installing a continuous air barrier. Air- tightness verified through blower door test.

Air Tightness

Whole House Ventilation

Free Gains

Maximizing the free passive solar gains.

Energy Modeling

Rigorous energy modeling to verify specific performance targets. and design the mechanical systems.

That is exactly our approach and it is the most economical one. While others invest in huge and expensive solar systems to make up for their energy consumption, our buildings reduce their energy demand through a super-insulated building shell. Once we reduced the heating demand by 90% we could theoretically heat it with a hair dryer.

Have you ever heard the saying “The cheapest gallon of fuel is the one you don’t need”?